Break Through Your Threshold: Give Freely to Be Rich

Break Through Your Threshold: Give Freely to Be Rich

By Jai Maa

Do you play a character when you give someone something? Giving freely without expectation or reason, as when you trade something, may be the way to truly be rich.

While I was preparing for a class I would teach on prosperity, I connected with my Spirit Guides (personal angels) and asked them for their Guidance.

“How do we become more prosperous?” I asked.

“We don’t need to teach you about prosperity,” my Spirit Guides said. “Your Creator already made each and every one of you prosperous. What we can do is show you what you do to block your inherent prosperous nature.”

Intrigued, I grabbed my pen and paper and started taking notes.

“We observe you in the human experience engage in Universal Laws that are governed by Force. Meaning, you give something and expect an immediate transaction of energy in return. We, in the angelic realms, are also giving and receiving, but without any attachment that we need to receive when we give. And because we give freely without attachment, everyone’s needs are always met all the time.”

From that point, my Spirit Guides began rattling off all of the different ways we attempt to give, but is not true giving. I felt sheepishly humbled as I became conscious of how many of these attached-giving behaviors I had of my own.

My Guidance continued, “What you are doing is unspoken, un-agreed upon trading. When you learn how to give with no attachment, then you will truly be rich.”

Because we have been conditioned to expect an immediate transaction when we give, we secretly want something from the receiver such as acknowledgement, approval, glory, superiority, leverage, or even control over their choices.

We don’t outright tell the other person, “I’m going to give you this thing, but what I want in return is the reigns to controlling your choices,” or “By the way, when I give this to you, I need your energy to make me feel better about myself,” because that level of honesty would make us look ridiculous. What if we were willing to be transparent about what we want or expect from the other person when we supposedly give to them?

Below are some examples of the ways we give that is not truly giving. Which characters do you play?

The Needy Giver: Do you like what I got you? Are you sure? Because if you don’t I can take it back.

The Begrudging Giver: Ugh! Fine! Here, take it. I guess you can have it.

The Attached Giver: Where are the curtains I bought you and why aren’t they hanging up yet?

The Boasting Giver: I got him those shoes… look, don’t they look great? I have such great style.

The Lender Giver: You can have it, but whenever you want to give it away, give it back to me, okay?

The Self-Centered Giver: I know you don’t share my views on such-n-such topic, so I’m giving you a book so that you can learn more about it.

The Revenge Giver: Well if you’re going to be that way, then give me back the necklace I gave you!

The Cheap Giver: I know this perfume is not the brand you like, but this generic brand was buy-one, get-one free.

The Calculated Giver: I have given you this, and this, and this, so, you need to do this one thing for me.

The Expectation Giver: I am putting you through college so you better make good grades.

The Controlling Giver: I’ll give you these shoes if you throw away your old ones.

The Martyr Giver: It’s okay, even though this is my only jacket, you can have it. I’ll just be cold for a while until I get another.

The Suck-up Giver: I bought you your favorite sweet that you love… so when will you announce who received the promotion?

The “I’m in Trouble” Giver: I’m sorry I missed our date again. I bought you flowers and a gift card to that store you love.

The Trash Giver: I know it is broken, but if you fix it, I’m sure you will love it.

The Crumbs Giver: I know I got a huge raise and a fat bonus this year, but I’ll just give $50 to the charity.

The Fearful Giver: But what if I need this again in the future? I don’t know if I can give this to you yet.

What character do you play when you attempt to give? When you release attachments around giving, you open yourself up to the free-flowing energy of prosperity. The more you give freely, the more abundance you attract. When you trade, the transaction is complete. When you give, you become rich.

Enlightenment Challenge: Who is someone in your life that you have given to while playing one of these characters? The next time you give, let go of needing anything in return, even a thank you. 

Jai Maa is a touring author and enlightenment facilitator who inspires others to create their visions with no compromise. An interfaith minister and native of Polk County, she travels with her cat companions teaching others how to co-create with God and live their own version of Heaven on Earth. Jai Maa is a regular instructor at THE SELF Center in Winter Haven. More info: