Crystal Bowl Healing Sound by Liz Morrisey

Crystal Bowl Healing Sound by Liz Morrisey

By Liz Morrisey

Healing with a Harmonic Resonance

Picture beautiful harmonic notes vibrating through your body as you slip into a state of relaxation and healing. Crystal singing bowl sessions, which start out similar to a yoga class with everyone in the class laying down to facilitate moving into a meditative state, are facilitated by Buffy LaRoux (pictured left). The use of the bowls, as well as chimes and drums, lasts about 45 minutes.

“It can be a game changer,” says LaRoux, who teaches the class the first Saturday of each month in Winter Haven. “People come in stressed and they can give that time to themselves. It shifted my life and I want others to do it, too.”

Alternative therapies, such as sound and aromatherapy, continue to gain popularity in Polk County and around the nation as people look to de-stress and change their lifestyle.

Yogis have used singing bowls for decades, but crystal ones are now becoming more popular, according to Yoga Journal. The quartz interacts with the water within the body and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between sound and body. “It’s the most beautiful harmonic resonance and a healing tool to help relax,” says LaRoux.

LaRoux says people can experience seeing visions and colors with the therapy, explaining that it breaks up stagnant energy and is aligned with the chakras in the body. “Sound healing has been around for more than 2,000 years,” she says. “Sound is amazing. There are so many tones and pitches. It is part of the cohesiveness with everything on the planet.”

Jody Reece, a yoga instructor in Winter Haven, says the $20 class has been a success. “Attendance is great at every session,” she says. “I didn’t know if anyone in Polk would like it, but people come from far and wide.”

Sound therapy is becoming more popular in the yoga world, says Reece. “There are a lot of ways to meditate and sound is one of them. You feel better physically and emotionally. It gives you a peaceful feeling.” Reece says it has now opened her eyes to offering more diverse classes at the studio.

For Kara Huebsch sound wave healing has been ideal to help her relax. “When I’m done with an experience, I feel a lot of stress reduction, more energized and my mood becomes more positive. I try to go as much as I can.”

Huebsch seeks out opportunities to take classes to help her both mentally and physically. “Alternative medicine and therapies for healing are becoming more popular. You are training the mind and body to adjust and heal.

“Buffy does a wonderful job of utilizing her gifts and helping you feel safe and comfortable,” she says. “I would recommend that people try and go as much as they can and encourage your friends to go.”

Along with crystal bowl healing, LaRoux also uses aromatherapy during her sessions. During sound therapy, she often uses essential oils like sage, palo santo and frankincense. She feels sage is calming and clearing, palo santo helps cleanse negative energies and frankincense promotes a meditative state.

It is widely known that lavender helps with relaxation and that essential oils can be diffused in the home. But aromatherapy can help with so much more, according to Trina Abuan from Lakeland. She’s been a believer in essential oils for more than 15 years.

It helped her with pain relief while giving birth and with postpartum symptoms. “From internal use to topical and aromatic, they have proven to be very effective,” she says. They can help with so many things, such as healing burns and infections, getting better sleep, calming nerves, cleaning around the house and so much more.

“Some people are becoming more familiar with them but it may never click with them about the potential they have,” says Abuan. “They have mental, spiritual and physical benefits.”

“Oils are a very quick mood shifter,” she says. “Good smells tend to transport us to a place of happy memories and emotions.”

For more information about the crystal bowl sound healing group sessions contact Buffy LaRoux at 813-841-7298 or