Break Through Your Threshold: Regrouping to Recharge

Break Through Your Threshold: Regrouping to Recharge

By Jai Maa

Regrouping is taking the time to unplug, reflect, and create. Slowing down to rest from the go-go-go and figure out the next steps isn’t self-sabotage, it’s smart.

Resting on a massage table in Indiana, the shaman healer said to me, “Jai Maa, you have a lot of tension in your body. When is the last time you stopped and unplugged from your fast-paced life?”

“Um,” I had to think a moment. “I really don’t know.”

“How long have you been on this recent book tour?” She continued stretching my arm to loosen my stiff shoulders.

“I didn’t take a break this year. I usually travel for half of the year and head back to Florida to regroup for the other half, but this time I have been out on the road for an entire year.”

“If you don’t stop and unwind soon, the world is going to eat you up. You have worked too hard to fizzle out now, and you have great things ahead of you. You need to go off grid and do nothing for a while.”

Her invitation to “do nothing for a while” was the experience I yearned for, yet seemed impossible to create. I have bills to pay, clients to serve, events coming up, and my partner and I are planning a trip to Europe. When would I have time to stop and simply “do nothing”?

So much life can happen so quickly, the lessons and impacts can be brushed over and not integrated if we keep running at the speed of light. To “regroup” means to stop and integrate our life experiences before rushing into the next chapter of our lives. But in our go-go-go western culture, there is an unspoken agreement that to slow yourself and rest means that you are lazy, sabotaging yourself, and missing out on opportunities.

When a wave crashes the shoreline, it recedes to gather power and momentum to crash again. Regrouping our life experience is the same. We blast out into the world and give our best “wave” of experience, and then it is necessary to recede and gather forth our strength before we expand again.

The self-care advice of this shaman healer gave me relief, and I knew I needed to recalibrate my upcoming plans in order to tend to my top responsibility: myself. At first, I felt sadness of postponing our Europe adventures when I talked with my partner. Very soon into our conversation, however, we both began to breath deeper and relax into the blissful opportunity that “doing nothing” was on our horizon!

We talked about going to Costa Rica for a month where the food is delicious, the cost of living is cheap, and the weather is warm, verses traveling Europe in the wintertime where there are new languages to consider and different countries to navigate. We felt lighter.

Then he and I talked about renting a cabin somewhere in the Carolinas and unplugging completely from social media and our phones. We would sleep the days away and go hiking when we felt inspired, basking in the mountainous beauty. We would bring a cookbook and spend our afternoons making succulent meals after strolling through local farmers markets for organic foods. We felt even lighter.

After each inspired possibility, we would say, “This or something better,” trusting that we deserved even greater than what our minds could conceive. Most importantly, we were in the consciousness of regrouping and unplugging ourselves from the high, fast-paced energy that was about to fry our circuits. Even a computer needs to turn off every once in a while to not overheat and burn out. Aren’t we more delicate than computers?

So, how do you “regroup” your life? There are three key steps:


First, unplug from as many things you can that require your attention. Turn off your phone and all forms of social media. Take a vacation. Get a babysitter and go somewhere low key with very little stimulation. Have no travel plans or agenda. Disconnect from your mind and connect with nature.


Next, reflect on the past year and the immense amount of life you have lived. What lessons have you learned? What experiences were new? What moments changed your life? How did you strengthen your trust in yourself and your connection with God? How have you grown physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?


Finally, relax into a space of curiosity, detachment, and infinite possibility. What do you want now? Which areas of your life are leaking your energy and are you willing to either let them go or create stronger boundaries? What areas of your life deserve more of your attention to create joy?

Enlightenment Challenge: Plan an entire day from the moment you get up until the moment you sleep with no phone, computer, television, or distractions of any kind. Go by yourself on a day trip to somewhere you have never been before and simply be.

Jai Maa is a touring author and enlightenment facilitator who inspires others to create their visions with no compromise. An interfaith minister and native of Polk County, she travels with her cat companions teaching others how to co-create with God and live their own version of Heaven on Earth. Jai Maa is a regular instructor at THE SELF Center in Winter Haven. More info: