Break Through Your Threshold: Repurpose Your Life

Just like furniture, areas of your life can become outdated and in need of attention.

By Jai Maa

Repurpose those stale areas with examination and a fresh approach.

It’s time for an upgrade, and you deserve it. This is not one of those upgrades that may require money, per se, but an upgrade on how you feel about you while allowing more joy and satisfaction into your life.

You can repurpose all kinds of “things” in your home, so why not in your relationships, career life, personal time, and even in the way you spend time and money?

For example, how do you currently experience your close relationships? Do you use those connections as a place to vent, gossip, feel righteous, or latch onto for safety? What if you repurposed your relationships to be a sacred space where you invite challenge for growth or collaborate on creative projects?

Let’s say your current reality goes something like this: You’re out on a Friday night with your friends, pop open a beer or pour yourself a glass of velvety wine, and then you sit around chatting about what’s going wrong with your life and the rest of the world until you feel a little relieved. At the very least, you feel heard by those you trust, but you enter your workweek with the same mentality, habits, and trajectory that repeat the same result of “needing to vent.” What if, instead, you invite your friends to partake in a creative project like creating music together, or doing something to enhance your community that you all would feel proud of?

Or, how about a relationship with a partner or spouse? Is your current purpose with them to simply relieve sexual tension or feel validated and secure? Do you use them as a safe place to emotionally react and discharge your stress and pain? What if you repurposed your partnership to be one of empathy, self-realization, and inspiring each other to chase down your personal dreams?

Just like an item in your home that has outlived its purpose and now has little to no value to you, if you don’t upgrade the reason to keep the item, it will either become frustrating clutter or you’ll throw it away.

You do this with your relationships, too. When a relationship begins to stagnate and its original purpose doesn’t serve you anymore, you either settle for a draining connection or you throw it away. Try repurposing your relationships instead.

I have had many self-serving friendships that allowed me to have fun and party, and eventually, they got old. I’ve been fortunate that some of those friends became interested in collaborating on creative projects, and together we soared to new heights in our self-esteem and life-mission. The relationships that didn’t share my level of enthusiasm of evolving forward became distracted by friends who matched their current vibration, and I moved on to create new friendships that matched mine. Let’s face it, the quality of our relationships equals the quality of our life.

How happy are you in your career? Is it time to take the skills and knowledge you’ve gained and repurpose yourself in another arena? What do you really want to be doing with your creative energy that will add vibrancy to the world, and ultimately, to your life?

How satisfied are you with the way you spend your time and money? Perhaps your money could be better invested into self-care, or moving toward your dream of writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, or to make music and sing your heart out! Does blowing money on everyday frivolous things that also consume your time really serve you?

Repurposing items in your home can be fun! You access your creative intelligence and you get an “energy lift” when you cleverly succeed. If the item doesn’t match your desired repurposed intention, you simply release the item from your life with no hard feelings. It served you once, and it no longer serves you now.

Repurposing your life is same way. If what you are endeavoring to repurpose doesn’t work, simply let it go with appreciation and grace. You deserve an upgrade, so what area of your life is holding you back? What can you repurpose?

Enlightenment Challenge: Take an area of your life (relationships, career, health, finance) and repurpose your approach to how you engage there. It is recommended you choose and fully commit to just one area until you create your desired result. Easy does it. It’s more important to know you can succeed in climbing a hill than it is to run out of steam while climbing a mountain.

Jai Maa is a touring author and enlightenment facilitator who inspires others to create their visions with no compromise. An interfaith minister and native of Polk County, she travels with her cat companions teaching others how to co-create with God and live their own version of Heaven on Earth. Jai Maa is a regular instructor at THE SELF Center in Winter Haven. More info: