Weight Loss: Metabolism & Hormone Reset

Weight Loss: Metabolism & Hormone Reset

By Elizabeth Morrisey

Lakeland’s Dr. Chris Barker is helping his patients lose weight by getting their internal health where it needs to be.

Dr. Jolene Patterson tried all the gimmicks out there to try and shed some pounds – shakes, teas, bootcamps – and nothing seemed to be helping. And then she found a program that works and she lost 25 pounds in 60 days.

So what’s the secret? It’s a weight loss program developed by Dr. Chris Barker in Lakeland and people are getting results – and fast. “It’s very black and white,” Patterson says of the 60-day program. “It’s laid out for you with guidelines and recipes. As long as you follow the program, people do great.”

It focuses on the use of homeopathic weight loss drops, vitamins and healthy eating. Participants are weighed with a bio electric scale, which also measures body fat, bone mass and water weight. Blood work is also done before and after to monitor the changes.

“It’s 100 percent doctor supervised,” says Barker, who owns New City Chiropractic. “The reason the program works so well is that it’s based on the individual’s needs. After a series of questionnaires, urine analysis and other medical testing, we can determine what that individual needs to begin to reset their metabolism and start shedding unwanted pounds. It’s all about changing your hormones and that is exactly what our program does.”

Being customized to the person, participants meet once a week to weigh in on a bio electric scale to monitor their progress. Progress is graphed on a chart from week to week watching trends in visceral fat lost, water weight, metabolic age and other markers.

“People get so excited to see the changes on the computer, it energizes them to keep pushing forward,” says Dr. Barker.

Shirley Patterson, who lives in Michigan, has been able to maintain the weight loss since participating in the program at the end of last year.

“They provide recipes and I was able to continue limiting carbs and sugar,” she says. “We talked regularly and that personal touch helps. You have someone in your corner.”

Dr. Barker stresses: “This is for anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. You will lose weight, but it’s also about your health and changing your life.”

Although the program doesn’t require strenuous exercise, walking is encouraged. And you aren’t going to starve, he says. In fact, you start out the program with binge eating to jump-start the fat burning reduction phase. Though this may sound odd, it is secrets like this that ensure for amazing results backed by science and years of trial and error.

Dr. Barker also offers a maintenance program afterwards so people aren’t “left in the dark,” he says. His website, www.drchrisbarker.com, offers a supplement line he created and resources needed to continue on the journey of weight loss and health. His website is packed with weekly articles and videos, which are helpful to staying on track.

Shirley Patterson, who lost 20 pounds, says she lost most of the weight in the first 21 days. “Seeing results right away encourages you. It was structured and there was no guessing,” she says. “Everything is laid out for you.”

Dr. Jolene Patterson, 29, says everyone who participated was excited about being able to fit into old clothes that became too tight; they also had more energy and were able to kick the caffeine and sugar. She personally continued to lose another 15 pounds after the 60-day program.

“Exercise alone won’t do anything and just a pill won’t do anything,” Dr. Jolene Patterson says. “Throughout the process, we (at New City Chiropractic) offer accountability.”

Some people also eliminated certain medications and saw changes in their blood work. “We want to free people and give them back their confidence,” Dr. Barker says. “We want them to achieve long-term health and make a difference for their family.”

The amazing part is that patients not only begin to look better but begin to feel better as well, he says. Before and after lab work shows their bodies getting better from the inside out.

“We have seen lowering in cholesterol levels, blood pressure, triglycerides, glucose, thyroid and many other disease markers,” he says.

Dr. Barker graduated with a pre-med degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University and completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Fla. As a former skateboarder in New York, he damaged his body and also saw how sicknesses were plaguing his family members, prompting him to change his career plans from becoming a dentist to becoming a chiropractor to help others be healthier. The path to creating a weight loss program is part of his journey to helping others achieve optimum health, he says.

When it comes to weight loss, there is a lot of depression, anxiety and body issues, Dr. Barker explains.

“In society, there are very few healthy options and dangerous yo-yo diets. The reality is you can’t blame your genes. It’s our responsibility to be healthy,” he says. “You will lose weight, but it’s about instilling lasting change in your life.”

To learn more about Dr. Barker’s 60-day weight loss program and to see before and after lab work and photos, visit LoseWeightLakeland.com